The articles featured in this section of Ambiente’s website are written by our managing director Suzanne Watkinson and describe properties, predominantly residential, here in Macau.

For readers contemplating a move to Macau we hope that this offers a useful insight into the kind of homes they could expect to find.

It has to be said that a home is what you make of it.  Many of those included are rented, not owned.  Readers should be aware that in most cases rental properties are usually passed to their new tenants as a blank canvas, with little character, charm or ‘soul’.  It is the creativity and caring of those living in them that has made them what they are.

Suzanne is a regular contributor to the monthly magazine Macau Closer, where these articles are published.

Good Energies

The search for a home with the ideal feng shui led Hong Kong executive Terence Lo to Hac Sa Wan and the new La Marina development

Lake-side Living

A Hong Kong couple bought an investment property in 2004.  On the Praia Grande away from the hustle-bustle of big city life 

A Home Among Friends

A cozy two-bedroom home on the waterfront of Ocean Gardens, with views to die for!

City of Love

A two-bedroom apartment in Macau’s newest central Taipa residential development is home to Portuguese couple Diogo and Marisa

‘tis the Season to be Jolly!

For Christmas decoration enthusiasts Timm and Cindy Garceau December can’t come round soon enough.  They win the gold star for best Christmas-decorated home in Macau!

Eclectic Elegance

A two-bedroom apartment in Macau’s “One Oasis” has been charmingly decorated by Frenchwoman Niky Bauret with repurposed materials and treasures from her travels. 

Healthy Living

From hotelier to holistic health advisor, newcomer to Macau Kelly Tsoi is inspired to share her stories and advice on a pathway to healthy living.

New Lease of Life

A 40 year old walk-up apartment in the heritage centre of old Macau.  Once an abandoned hoarder’s home its now been given a fresh start

Life on the Avenue

A sophisticated and peaceful oasis in Macau’s city centre, designed for family living and a reader’s paradise