Ambiente’s property investment advisory services can be summarised as follows:

Origination    Acquisition    Repositioning     Leasing    Property Management    Exit

Private Investors

Ambiente has successfully acted for a number of private clients looking for exposure to Macau’s growing economy via the right investment opportunity. We advise on suitable properties which can maximize rental returns, based on our extensive track record in sourcing desirable accommodation for professionals arriving in Macau. Often, these will be in undervalued and developing areas of Macau, and after re-positioning will show good potential for superior rates of capital appreciation. Careful research on a property’s overall value proposition will always form the basis of any recommendation.

After identifying suitable properties, Ambiente provides a full execution and fulfillment service to investors:

  • Advice on every step of the buying process, including valuation
  • Negotiation, down payment, finance, stamp duty and legal
  • Re-positioning strategy
  • Cost-effective design and renovation solutions
  • Local project management expertise
  • Tenant suitability checks
  • Property management
  • Exit strategy to maximise returns

Institutional Investors

Ambiente has acted under instruction from funds and institutional investors, who have appreciated the same investment and asset management philosophy as provided to private investors. In addition, Ambiente works to understand and work to institutional clients’ investment philosophy, and brings two key deliverables in Macau which make us a preferred choice.

There is increasing preference shown by international re-location agencies and Macau’s largest employers for Ambiente’s services in housing expat executives. This allows us to source the best tenants in the shortest possible time, thus maximizing the capitalization rate on a portfolio of properties.

Property management services are provided by a team of experienced local experts who are passionate about Macau property and in fulfilling investors’ needs.