The articles featured in this section of Ambiente’s website are written by our managing director Suzanne Watkinson and describe properties, predominantly residential, here in Macau.

For readers contemplating a move to Macau we hope that this offers a useful insight into the kind of homes they could expect to find.

It has to be said that a home is what you make of it.  Many of those included are rented, not owned.  Readers should be aware that in most cases rental properties are usually passed to their new tenants as a blank canvas, with little character, charm or ‘soul’.  It is the creativity and caring of those living in them that has made them what they are.

Suzanne is a regular contributor to the monthly magazine Macau Closer, where these articles are published.

BoHo Chic

A 3-bedroom apartment in Pearl on the Lough, Macau, is the home of horseracing experts Jayne and Joe Lau. With a colour palate of blues, yellows and creams, a relaxed comfortable vibe has been created.

Hidden Jewel in Old Macau

A 1-bedroom walk-up apartment in the heart of St Lazarus Parish is the art studio and pied a terre of Macau couple Danny Fong and wife Rubby Mou.  Charmingly decorated, filled with plants and trees collected over the years that are thriving on a very unique terraced balcony. Nestled in the myriad of narrow one-way […]

Delightful Garden Terrace

Dianna and Jeff Brown share their garden terrace in the heart of World Heritage Penha Hill area of Macau. Two years ago, Dianna and Jeff Brown moved to a friend’s apartment in the Fountainside residences while they were renovating their own home just across the street. The work was to be extensive and take several […]

Holiday Home by the Lake

Canadian-Hong Kong couple Mark and Tina Chau fell in love with Macau 30 years ago and eventually decided to buy a holiday home here in one of the original lake-side residences. From the late 90’s when they left Canada and moved back to Hong Kong to be closer to elderly parents, Mark and Tina Chau […]

Charming Chinoiserie

A 4-bedroom duplex apartment in One Oasis is the home of Italian couple Riccardo La Perna and wife Katya Inzoli, an oasis of unpretentious elegance, filled with treasures from their many years in China. When Katya and Riccardo first arrived in Macau a year ago, they were looking for a spacious apartment to replace a […]

The Pearl, the Lady and the Wardrobe

For 14 years Macau’s Pearl on the Lough has been home to British couple Sue and Mike.   Located on the waterfront on the north east coast of Taipa island in Macau, Pearl on the Lough is a 22-storey, two-tower residential development where at one time during the late 2000’s, many of the apartments languished empty; […]

European Chic, Asian Charm

A stunning duplex apartment on the beach at Hellene Garden is the new home for Italian born fashion and cosmetics executive Carolina Esposito and her daughter Maria. When the visitor walks through the front door of Carolina Esposito’s home and turns right, they invariably catch their breath in wonder at the magnificent open living, dining […]

Full Circle

Living in Macau for almost 27 years Julia Herold has moved home several times, coming full circle when she returned to Ocean Gardens. This is Ambiente’s Suzanne Watkinson’s latest article for her Home Affairs section in the Macau Closer magazine, featuring interesting properties and people in Macau.

Interior Design Meets Asian Tastes

Architect Kong Wai Keong and his partners have recently joined the bustling community of restaurants and coffee bars in Macau’s NAPE area with the opening of their charming eatery, The Three.