The articles featured in this section of Ambiente’s website are written by our managing director Suzanne Watkinson and describe properties, predominantly residential, here in Macau.

For readers contemplating a move to Macau we hope that this offers a useful insight into the kind of homes they could expect to find.

It has to be said that a home is what you make of it.  Many of those included are rented, not owned.  Readers should be aware that in most cases rental properties are usually passed to their new tenants as a blank canvas, with little character, charm or ‘soul’.  It is the creativity and caring of those living in them that has made them what they are.

Suzanne is a regular contributor to the monthly magazine Macau Closer, where these articles are published.

Family Duplex

A 4-bedroom duplex apartment in Pearl on the Lough is home to Bruno Simões and Gemma Puig and their family. For the past year it has been home to Bruno, Gemma and their children; Bruno’s teenage daughter Laura who was with them for her last year of high school before leaving for Portugal and Gemma’s […]

Our own piece of Macau Heritage

Naoko Simms and husband Eric have lived in many different places around the world but have settled on Macau as their forever home.  

Living the Good Life

A three-bedroom apartment in Hellene Garden has been given a make-over.  New owner Antonio U shares his design ideas and his enthusiasm for the good life.

Power Couple

An entrepreneurial couple with a first-of-its-kind, urban farm business in Macau chooses Oscar Crescent for the family home.

Pink Palace Pad

A two-bedroom bachelor pad in down town Macau is home to Dutchman and logistics specialist Oswin Pepels

Living in Strange Times

A spacious 4-bedroom, 4-bathroom lake-side home in the heart of down-town Macau waits patiently for the lift of Covid-related travel restrictions

City Gem

A hidden jewel in Central Macau is a unique and delightful home to architect and artist Alexandre Marreiros and family

Macau’s Oasis

Affectionately known as ‘Miss Jas’ by students and parents alike, The International School Elementary Principal Mary-Anne Jasinski calls a cozy corner in Macau’s One Oasis, home

Good Energies

The search for a home with the ideal feng shui led Hong Kong executive Terence Lo to Hac Sa Wan and the new La Marina development