The property market in Macau these days changes so rapidly that its hard sometimes to catch ones breath!  Rents and purchase prices are skyrocketing, primarily as a result of high demand-low supply, but also due to the ‘feel good factor’ – Macau is The Happening place in Asia, if not the World when it comes to pushing the envelope in casinos, hotel and entertainment creativity!

For those who have invested in apartments, offices, shops or even car parks, they will have seen that their money was well spent, with often a quadrupling in value.  Ambiente has ridden this roller coaster for the past 10 years with our clients and we continue to do so, offering advice and guidance on best buys to be had.

This News section will cover articles that spotlight properties of all shapes and sizes and importantly will put flesh on bones and give readers a glimpse into some of the homes and lives of those who reside here.

We also will share thoughts and ideas as they relate to the property market through the Opinion Column section.  We welcome any reader who would like to contribute to this section; please contact [email protected].