Being property specialists in Macau, Ambiente team members are often called upon for a comment or opinion relating to what is happening in and around the property scene here.

The Macau Closer magazine has an opinion column, ‘In Residence’, which Ambiente managing director Suzanne Watkinson writes each month.  Some of these opinions are featured here.  We also intend to include thoughts or comments from other publications that we feel would be of interest to our readers.

Deer in the headlights

Here in Macau, and I dare say in much of China as well, we were like deer in the headlights when the tightly held-to Zero-Covid policy and associated restrictions of the past 3 years all but fell away two weeks before Christmas. On the one hand this was greeted with much relief – finally some […]

Staycation, the new vacation

The word ‘staycation’ has become commonplace in Macau’s lexicon these days.  Then there’s ‘seacation’ for those keen enough to board a cruise ship and take to the seas.  And I even came across ‘hospication’ the other day when a friend was describing his last 2 weeks spent as an inmate of our local San Januario […]

Lessons Learned

I’ve always been a big fan of the following saying by one of UK’s best remembered prime ministers, Winston Churchill. “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it’s the courage to continue that counts.” At Ambiente we put this at the top of the orientation materials for our new joiners and stress that whilst […]

Macau’s Medical given unfair rap?

I’m beginning to question these days whether Macau’s health system is being criticized unfairly.   Ever since I’ve started living in Macau some twenty years ago I’ve observed locals and expats alike trailing off to Hong Kong – and more recently to Guangzhou – for medical attention that requires more expertise than a general family doctor.   […]

21 Days In

Talk around the dinner table these days will often include the subject of quarantine. Yes, those 21 days locked away in isolation in a 450 square foot hotel room – a privilege afforded only returning Macau residents or HKID holders.  No doubt a sensible precaution during these Covid-crazy times. Those of us who have not […]


The old saying that cautions us to be careful for what we wish for keeps coming to mind.   “I wish I had more time off” is a common refrain, glibly said without thinking of the repercussions; sadly for many the wish may have come true with these days of un-paid leave, or worse, jobs lost […]

Christmas with Covid

Christmas with Covid … It has almost a jolly ring to it, as if a favourite uncle is visiting for the holidays, a merry time is planned round the dinner table, roast turkey with all the trimmings, laughing at the silly cracker jokes. But no. For many around the world Christmas this year will be […]

Blink and you’ve missed it

In late August this year the much anticipated, long-awaited sale opened of Shun Tak’s brand new residential tower on Hengqin Island. 426 apartments were up for grabs.  A mix of studios, 1 & 2 bedrooms ranging in size from 475 square feet to 1,345 square feet, gross.  Nice.  Perfect for a single, just married or […]

The shape of things to come: architecture after the virus

Questions are being posed within the field of architecture these days on what global impact Covid-19 is likely to have on our work and home lives.   In many societies around the world one is subjected to socially distanced self-isolation, shops are shuttered, offices are largely abandoned and urban centres are reduced to ghost towns.  Will […]