Being property specialists in Macau, Ambiente team members are often called upon for a comment or opinion relating to what is happening in and around the property scene here.

The Macau Closer magazine has an opinion column, ‘In Residence’, which Ambiente managing director Suzanne Watkinson writes each month.  Some of these opinions are featured here.  We also intend to include thoughts or comments from other publications that we feel would be of interest to our readers.

Using a Sledgehammer to Crack a Nut?

Earlier this month the 33-member general Legislative Assembly approved changes to Macau’s real estate law, due to come into effect in six months time

Labouring a Point?

I’m becoming growingly more troubled over the past few years on what I see as muddled labour policies and practices here in Macau. We are constantly being told that we must “nurture the special talents” that Macau has to offer.  But this surely is pure propaganda – Macau’s workforce talent is just as talented as […]


Returning from an overseas trip earlier this month, I traveled on the 7pm ferry from the Hong Kong airport to the new Pac On ferry terminal in Taipa.  I got off the ferry with eager anticipation – what would this behemoth of a building, which has taken over 10 years to build, be like?

Shenzhen Success Story

Hands up who’s been to Shenzhen recently?  I’m embarrassed to confess that I’ve not been to Shenzhen for over 25 years, unless a taxi drive last summer past the outskirts of the city on the way to the Artists Village counts.  Well I reckon things are passing me by at a rapid rate, given what […]

Greening Macau

“We do not inherit earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”. So began Sands China’s Director of Sustainability, Syed Mubarak when he spoke recently at a British Business Association of Macao breakfast briefing.  This powerful Native American proverb provided him with the springboard from which to address his audience with the trends […]

Catching a Cold

It’s often said that ‘When China sneezes, Macau catches a cold’. At a joint business chamber luncheon last month, members and guests were reminded of this old adage.   Guest speaker Joe Zhou, regional director and Head of Research for Jones Lang LaSalle in China, presented his views on the influence of China on Macau’s real […]

East Goes West

Last month marked a momentous occasion for Las Vegas; on 2 December the maiden voyage of Hainan Airlines’ new non-stop flight arrived from Beijing and landed at McCarran International Airport at 11am local time.  The 12 hour flight, serviced by a Boeing 787 with a Kung Fu Panda motif adorning the plane’s cabins, served as the […]

You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby!

From its Portuguese colony days to the gaming power house that it is today, Macau has come a long way.  And Cotai is Macau’s marvel.  This was the topic of conversation at a recent British Business Association of Macau lunch, with guest speaker Keith Buckley, Executive Project Director for Hsin Chong Engineering (Macau) Ltd. Keith, […]

Bridge on the River Pearl

How will the soon-to-be-opened bridge between Hong Kong, Macau and Zhuhai impact life in Macau? Those of you familiar with the plot of the 1957 World War II epic and Academy Award film, The Bridge on the River Kwai, will be aware of the extreme challenges faced in the construction of a railway bridge in the […]