Being property specialists in Macau, Ambiente team members are often called upon for a comment or opinion relating to what is happening in and around the property scene here.

The Macau Closer magazine has an opinion column, ‘In Residence’, which Ambiente managing director Suzanne Watkinson writes each month.  Some of these opinions are featured here.  We also intend to include thoughts or comments from other publications that we feel would be of interest to our readers.

Taxi Tribulations

We all of us know of horror stories, or have experienced firsthand the challenges in Macau of getting a taxi, especially during peak hours. 

Fantasy in the Making

Macau feels rather gloomy these days, what with the grey, muggy weather and the economic uncertainty that is enveloping us, especially when it comes to the property sector. But there’s a ray of sunshine ….

Next Generation Retail

“Of the HKD60 billion dollars spent in Macau on retail last year, and with 30 million visitors and 640,000 local population, what percentage of the spend came from visitors?”

Noisy Neighbours

Macau is a 24-hour town with workers and visitors coming and going all hours of the day and night.  Because of this, noisy neighbours in some buildings have become a real problem.

Snooze, you Lose …

Ambiente is often asked, “When is the best time to buy property here in Macau?” And our reply: “When everyone is selling!” This is a flippant reply of course as there are numerous factors, primarily personal to the buyer, that need to be considered ….

Brain Drain, with a Difference

I drive a very respectable car with all the mod cons expected of a 2 year old vehicle. But call me old fashioned, I still far prefer driving our ‘spare’ car – a little 22 year old white Mazda 121.  Often rudely referred to by my friends as The Marshmallow, it’s zippy, can fit into pretty […]

Smelly Business

Whenever newcomers to Macau ask me whether its safe to drink the water, I always give them an emphatic “Yes!”  Why I feel pretty sure about this is that years ago I met a government official who, as a young engineer in the 70s, came out from Portugal to head the water department.  He assured […]

Showing Solidarity

Peter Newton, Chairman of Architecture Sans Frontieres (ASF), and his Board were faced with a challenging decision to make recently.  For the first time ever their long planned 2015 annual General Assembly meeting was to be held outside of Europe, and Kathmandu, Nepal had been the chosen location.  The date: 15 June, less than 2 […]

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Earlier this year there was an article in the local Chinese papers highlighting the issue of illegal structures in residential buildings; essentially pointing to the many thousands of dwellings in Macau that have unauthorized buildings on their roofs.