The articles featured in this section of Ambiente’s website are written by our managing director Suzanne Watkinson and describe properties, predominantly residential, here in Macau.

For readers contemplating a move to Macau we hope that this offers a useful insight into the kind of homes they could expect to find.

It has to be said that a home is what you make of it.  Many of those included are rented, not owned.  Readers should be aware that in most cases rental properties are usually passed to their new tenants as a blank canvas, with little character, charm or ‘soul’.  It is the creativity and caring of those living in them that has made them what they are.

Suzanne is a regular contributor to the monthly magazine Macau Closer, where these articles are published.

Designer Duplex

Husband and wife team of local architect and design company MA+NU lovingly renovated their own home, a 3-bedroom duplex home in the heart of old Macau

One Grantai Comforts

From the rural beauty of California to the buzz of Asia; a life style change enthusiastically embraced by an American family in Macau

Macau’s Manhattan

Australian couple Jeff and Maureen Evans returned to Macau after 5 years away and to their favourite apartment building.

Upstairs, Downstairs

Charmingly decorated village house celebrating the diversity of Macau with its blend of European and Asian influences.  

On the Waterfront

5th year students of the University of Saint Joseph’s Bachelor of Architectural Studies displayed their graduation project in an exhibition named

Nautical Inspiration

JWCC Architecture recently completed the design and fit out of a lobby space in commercial building the FIT, converting it into an elegant and popular café.

The Waterside

One Central’s Waterside offers some of Macau’s most elegant homes.   Interior designer Lesley-Ann Murray reveals some of her tips.

Design & Build

Project managers KPM present two recent design and build projects, showcasing how older properties can be modernized with a fresh, new look

Designer Decorated for Family Living

A two bedroom apartment in Nova City, that has been stylishly decorated into a comfortable home for the Chan family and their two boys