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Darren Guyatt

There are not only the professional and physical aspects of relocating furniture, fittings and family (which your employer would most likely pay), but; there are also the personal aspects of relocating, such as; establishing new routines, networking with the right people and last but most importantly; to be happy in your new lifestyle (something which no employer could pay for).

The team at Ambiente gave a lot of additional support and comfort on my relocation to Macau.  Alex and Marcus helped me settle into a lovely, brand new apartment which suited my work/life balance, they also supported me with setting up various other things connected with the apartment and renewal of contracts.  Suzanne settled me into the Macanese lifestyle by ensuring I was networking with various business people, inviting me to social events and generally making me feel extremely welcoming and comfortable.

I would highly recommend Ambiente to anyone moving to Macau.  You will gain a lot more than a wonderful home which is specific to your requirements, but you will also gain friends who are genuine, warm, hospitable, knowledgeable and whom always go the extra mile!