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Professor Brian J. Duggan

We can recommend Ambiente Properties to anyone who has a flat to sell or rent.  Ambiente sold 2 apartments for us in Macau and found us our present rented home.  The company has the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and was a total pleasure to deal with. 

We owned a large flat in Hellene Gardens and an even larger one opposite the Yao Han store in Macau and due to family circumstance had to sell them in the period between 2016 and 2018. The HG flat could be put on the market without alterations but we thought that a new kitchen would increase the chance of making our preferred sale price. Ambiente was our choice of Realtor and its owner, Suzanne Watkinson,  agreed to try for our sale price and offered to both design the new kitchen, have it installed and to decorate the whole flat.  This produced a flat which we sold within 1% of our headline price.

The second, much larger flat, was something of a showpiece and we wanted a good price. Ambiente again was our preferred choice of Realtor and Suzanne thought the best strategy would be to make a video film of the place and such was its quality that the clip was viewed 69,000 times in the first week of its publication on the web. However, the price was such that we knew we would have to be patient if we were to achieve our desired price and indeed we did have to wait for many months before we found a buyer. Ambiente is not a “one person show” and Suzanne’s team of gifted people eventually found us a buyer who paid the headline price. During the waiting period we were protected from people posing as buyers but who did not have the funds or who just wanted to look at the place,

In both of the sales Ambiente were able to help with all parts of the transactions by using their extensive knowledge of Government procedures and contacts with highly efficient lawyers.

Costs were , in both cases, very reasonable.

B.J.Duggan, Professor Emeritus.