Being property specialists in Macau, Ambiente team members are often called upon for a comment or opinion relating to what is happening in and around the property scene here.

The Macau Closer magazine has an opinion column, ‘In Residence’, which Ambiente managing director Suzanne Watkinson writes each month.  Some of these opinions are featured here.  We also intend to include thoughts or comments from other publications that we feel would be of interest to our readers.

Keep Calm and Carry On!

How Macau is weathering the storm during the coronavirus pandemic

No Place Like Home

Giving the right support to newly arriving expats and locals alike to securing and settling in to new homes is so crucial – and rewarding.

Protests, Politics and Policies

New Housing Reforms in the GBA 2020: How will Macau’s real estate market be impacted?

Bridge over the River Pearl; Experiences of a public transport user

Arriving back from Europe recently, and finding that the last of the only two remaining evening ferries from Hong Kong International Airport to Macau had closed its gates 10 minutes earlier, I decided that I’d give the ‘new bridge’ a try.  Quite pleased really to have the opportunity to test things out ahead of bringing […]

The Greater Bay Area – China’s Blueprint for the Region

In June this year, I joined representatives of the Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong’s British Chambers of Commerce, and other British trade, industry and business associations when they met to discuss the Greater Bay Area Initiative.  It was agreed to form an inter-organization working group to collaborate across several areas to promote the opportunities offered […]

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine: The Benefits of Keeping your Property in Good Condition

It always bemuses me when landlords let their multi-million dollar assets get into, and remain, in such poor state of repairs.  Nowhere have I seen this more than in Macau.  One of the most important responsibilities of landlords with ‘buy-to-let’ properties is maintenance.  Be it an apartment, shop, office or industrial building, the property must […]

‘Your luxury trip – my daily nightmare’

December this year will be mark the occasion of Macau’s return to China, 20 years ago.  Approaching this milestone many residents will be taking stock of all the developments that have occurred, and asking how Macau scores when it comes to the quality of life both living and working here. Undoubtedly there have been enormous […]

Our Neighbour, Hengqin

Last month Ambiente Properties conducted another of their series of investor tours to Hengqin Island, in conjunction with Hengqin resident, American investor and consultant Matthew Ossolinski of GW Investment Consulting.  It needs to be stated upfront; these tours are not for selling properties or soliciting investment.  Their aim is to encourage those living here and […]

English in Macau

Author and renowned educational academic Professor Keith Morrison recently gave an illuminating and topical breakfast briefing for the British Business Association in Macau – his subject, ‘Rewiring Macau’s English’.  His talk examined the value placed on English in Macau, the English proficiency in the workplace here, and the challenges and how businesses can meet these […]